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Customer service on autopilot

Claudia: artificial intelligence designed to drastically reduce your support load and enhance the experience of your customers

Transformando empresas como:

Meet Claudia, your super agent

An innovative AI chatbot powered by GPT-4, Claudia eliminates the burden of handling simpler tickets, freeing your team to focus on areas where human intervention truly makes a difference.

Scale with a lean team

ClaudIA can autonomously resolve 50-80% of support tickets, transforming your team into a more strategic and lean unit.

Exceptional quality

ClaudIA expertly discerns when to respond or escalate complex cases, all while mirroring your brand's tone perfectly

Getting started is very easy

Import your FAQs, simulate with actual tickets to see accuracy improve, and ensure readiness before interacting with real customers. Seamlessly integrate with your service system.

High-quality care with Pier Insurtech and cloud humans

"Cloud Humans has been a strategic partner, enhancing our operations with insights, speed, quality, cost management, and swift responsiveness to our needs"

Aline Rodrigues, Head of CX at Pier Insurtech

Meet your service goals

Discover the fintech that has automated 80% of its tickets with Claudia

The SaaS tool that automated 60% of its service flow, serving 120k companies across Latam.

A leading Brazilian e-commerce company uses Claudia, eliminating the need for extra hires during Black Friday.

No need to change tools
Simply add a new license for Claudia to your existing customer service system, no complex integration or tech team involvement required
We absorb your FAQ and conversation data from your agents
Move beyond the complexity of decision tree or intent-based bots. Claudia learns from your FAQs, lets you import historical tickets for simulation, and enhances accuracy with in-tool audits.
Test ClaudIA at will before calling your clients
Trial Claudia before client deployment and activate only after achieving high accuracy. With our flexible billing, companies pay only for tickets resolved for real customers.
ClaudIA understands when it is necessary to involve humans and makes her team more efficient
Claudia seamlessly identifies when to escalate to human support, summarizing the interaction to ease the transition for the service personnel.
How does the solution work
People empowered by AI

Your calls are answered by AI-powered humans, ensuring maximum quality and extreme speed

Simplify everyday life without worry

Our team monitors and guarantees results, but don't lose control: follow the operation in detail through your dashboard

Pay for correct service

We audit the services and give you 100% transparency. We guarantee the correct answer or you don't pay

Experts ready to climb

We assume as many tickets as you define and activate quick and 100% humanized responses regardless of variations

Transform the way you deal with your customers today
Assertiveness and always low response time.
Tickets answered by the best combination of humans and intelligent robots.
Manage quality and content in one place, not people and software.
Start is quick and not necessary
of development time.

Our happy customers

Eduardo Onghero
COO / BelaBelinda

"Conseguimos focar nas áreas que consideramos prioridades para nosso crescimento sabendo que temos uma empresa especializada em atendimento conosco"

Camilla Zanini
Head de CX / Zippi

"Estávamos tão cheios de tickets que não tínhamos tempo para fazer coisas que eram mais importantes. Hoje o inbox está menor e começamos a ver a equipe ser menos reativa."

Ready to drastically reduce your customer service load?

Our experts are ready to understand your needs, showcase our solution and demonstrate its potential in achieving your business goals.

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