Unleash the transformative power of A.I. and boost your customer service efficiency with ChatGPT.

We're integrated with all major help desks, and our AI empowers companies to automate up to 87% of their customer interactions without compromising on quality or human touch.

Transforming companies like:

Meet claudIA, your super agent

An innovative A.I. chatbot powered by chatGPT-4. claudIA solves complex problems and provides secure and accurate answers with a tone of voice customized by you.

Dramatically increase the efficiency of your CX area

claudIA can handle up to 87% of calls, 'emulating' your best agents, thereby allowing your team to concentrate on the more complex cases and add greater value.

Instant answers with exceptional quality

claudIA adeptly discerns her role in every interaction, responding and clarifying with impressive human-like qualities. With a tone of voice personalized by you, she ensures your customers never wait more than a few seconds.

Getting started is very easy

The A.I. revolution is already happening and you can start in a few days! No need to involve your technical team for complex and time consuming integrations. Just import your old FAQs and tickets and watch Claudia create life in your current helpdesk.

High quality services with Pier Insurance and cloud humans

"Cloud humans has been a very strategic partner for our business, contributing insights, helping to leverage our operation, both in speed, quality, cost management and quick responsiveness to the needs we have."

Aline Rodrigues, Head of CX at Pier Seguradora

Beat your attendance goals

Response time from 1 hour to 30s with cloud humans

38% efficiency gain with cloud humans

CSAT stable at 98% even during Black Friday

How it works
the solution
Talk to an expert
No need to change tools
Effortlessly add claudIA to your existing customer service system with a new license. No complex integration or tech team involvement required.
We absorb your FAQ and conversation data from your agents
Forget the complexity of managing bots based on decision trees or intentions. Claudia learns from your FAQ, tickets answered by your team and self-manages its knowledge.
Test claudIA freely at no cost before engaging your customers.
Experience ClaudIA's quality firsthand by testing it at no cost before integrating it with customer interactions. With our flexible billing model, you'll only pay for tickets resolved for real customers.
ClaudIA recognizes when human involvement is needed, boosting your team's efficiency.
claudIA effectively recognizes when human assistance is necessary for a conversation and transitions smoothly, providing a summary of the interaction to simplify the handover for the person stepping in.
How the solution works
People Empowered by AI

Your calls are answered by humans powered by AI, ensuring the highest quality and extreme speed

Simplify your day to day life without worry

Our team follows up and guarantees results, but don't lose control: follow the operation in detail through your dashboard

Pay per ticket

We audit the services and give you 100% transparency. We guarantee the correct answer or you don't pay

Experts ready to climb

We take on as many tickets as you define and enable fast and 100% humanized responses regardless of variations

Transform the Way You Deal with Your Customers Today
Assertiveness and response time is always low.
Tickets answered by the best combination of humans and intelligent robots.
Manage quality and content in one place, not people and software.
Startup is fast and does not require
development time.

Our happy customers

Eduardo Onghero
COO / BelaBelinda

"We were able to focus on the areas we consider priorities for our growth knowing that we have a specialized service company with us."

Camilla Zanini
Head of CX / Zippi

"We were so full of tickets that we didn't have time to do things that were more important. Today the inbox is smaller and we're starting to see the team be less reactive."

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