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Some of our customers and what they say:
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We helped Zippi in reducing costs by 20% and and by 82% on the manual work.
"We were so full of tickets that we didn't have time to do the extra things, which were the most important. Today, the inbox is smaller and we're starting to see the team think and be less reactive."
Camilla Zanini
Head of CX at Zippi
We reduced response time by 94% (16x) the response timewith a 22% improvement in the quality of the note on BelaBelinda's Facebook page.
"We were able to focus on priorities for our growth knowing that we have a company that specializes in service.
cloud has enabled us to reduce the internal Customer Experience team by a third, making it much easier to manage the team."
Eduardo Onghero
COO of BelaBelinda
We helped Pier reduce its costs by 20% and and 88% in first response time.
"We are increasingly increasing the presence of cloud humans so we can focus on contributing to other areas of Pier in a more strategic way and being the voice of the customer internally."
Head of CX at Pier


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Which helpdesk tools do you support?

The calls will be carried out using all your tools. We connect to it without involving your tech team at any time, with only one access and without disrupting your automated flows. We are integrated with the main helpdesks such as Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, FrontApp, Kustomer, Hubspot, Octadesk, Twilio and many others.

What back-office tools do you support?

It is also possible to perform services by accessing any back-office tool or internal system used by your agents. We offer different alternatives for access.

What types of processes do you serve?

We handle all of your issues, from the simplest to the most complex processes. Some examples include: registration problems, order status, product information, technical problems, whatever you need.

Who performs the services?

The servicing is done by artificial intelligence (AI). We also offer service alternatives for tickets that require extra access with the help of human professionals. These professionals face a series of training and questionnaires, and are required to operate with robust security and privacy tools.

How does Claudia absorb the knowledge from my company?
Claudia quickly absorbs your team's FAQ and past conversation data, allowing her to "emulate" your best agents and deliver consistent, high-quality service.
How is the pricing?
The solution operates through flexible billing. We charge 0.36 USD for each ticket answered without human intervention and 0.24 USD for tickets that are partially solved by ClaudIA and escalated to your team.
Is it necessary to involve the technical team for Claudia's integration?

No, Claudia's integration does not require technical team involvement. Just add a new license in your customer care system and the integration will be activated by Claudia's specialized team.

How do we communicate?

We use a Slack channel for communication, always with professionals who are experts in your content to assist you. In case you do not use Slack, we can serve you via other communication channels you already use or add you to our Slack. We have a dashboard, where you can also analyze your main metrics and the cost of the operation.

If I change a process, how do I notify you?

You will have access to the project's knowledge base in your dashboard and can make edits to the process directly from the platform.

How does it work to start?

To get started with Claudia, simply contact us for setup of claudIA and connection to your current help desk. Our team will provide support during the process and ensure that claudIA is ready to handle customer interactions efficiently. In less than 1 day you can activate the solution.

To start with you, does it have to be 100% of the services?

No, you can start with a partial volume of your service to test the solution gradually. The important thing is to deliver value in the channels you need, solving your CX team's problems.

Can you answer in my tone of voice?

Of course! The service will be performed in the way you indicate as ideal 😉

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