Make money by answering support calls via chat and email

On the cloud humans platform you have several chat and email support projects from top-notch companies. Once your registration is enabled, you can start answering these calls and earn per ticket answered correctly.

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Henrique Remotis
Earnings transparency

Your earnings are transparent: you earn per ticket answered correctly. Before you start on any project, this visibility is given to you and any changes are made in time for you to decide what you would like to do.

Competitive gains

Compared to other platforms, on cloud humans you get superior earnings and more security. You stay at home or wherever you want while you are active.


You choose everything: how many and which hours you want to be active, where you stay, and which projects you are interested in. To get started, you only need a computer to answer tickets and a stable internet connection.

How to be a Cloud Pro?


Register and complete your profile through the Pros Portal.

Demonstrate your knowledge

Once your registration is active, demonstrate your mastery of the content about the company and the activities you will be doing before you can start answering tickets. Don't worry - we have content available to help you should you need it.

Answer tickets and win

Now that it is active, simply log into cloud chat and start answering tickets to start earning.

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