Automate up to 87% of your tickets with flawless humanization.

CLAudia is an innovative AI chatbot that assists and solves complex problems with accurate answers. See your customers being answered on autopilot without realizing they're talking about a robot 🦾

Transforming companies such as:

We are already integrated with the main help desks

Bring Claudia to life as quickly as inviting a new agent to your tool. For Integration, simply grant a license to your current service system.
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Also gain efficiency with scheduled tickets for your team

CLAudia identifies the cases that should be treated by her team and does 50% of the work. It collects and validates important information in addition to summarizing the most relevant data in an internal note already with the assigned contact reason.

Develop your CLAudia's knowledge through audits.

Our system allows you to evaluate and correct CLAudia's answers in real time. Give feedback and see CLAudia evolve her knowledge in the next ticket!

The real value of CX (and its time) is not answering tickets
The CX area is the closest to the customers in any company, but often fails to bring that knowledge into the company's strategy and product for lack of time. Stop spending time on the operational and repetitive; make time to be the voice of your customer where it matters most.
Answer the ticktes quickly and correctly
Bring insights to the company and impact the product with customer focus
Answer the ticktes quickly and correctly
Bring insights to the company and impact the product with customer focus
Activate your ClaudIA today.
Create your ClaudIA in minutes
Starting with your FAQ, website, or even service macros, you will already have a first version of your CLAudia.
Boost CLAUdia's knowledge quickly
By connecting Claudia to your help desk, you can teach her through the interactions performed by your agents.
Powerful insights for your business
CLAudia has the ability to assign contact reason tags. See the biggest opportunities for improvement and where your company is leaving money on the table.
24/7 support on Slack
Have a shared channel with our team on Slack and count on us throughout the journey:)
Our solution:
Humanized care within 30s, consistent CSAT, and up to 70% reduction in costs. We solve the service so you can focus on other strategic priorities and stop being a firefighter
Simplify and improve your customer service in 4 simple steps
Talk to an expert
Ready within 2 weeks and without setup fees

Getting started with cloud humans is simple, done by us and you pay nothing extra for it! Testing our solution is fast and convenient

It's very easy: send us what you have of material, the rest is up to us

Send us your content base, tone of voice and an access to the service tool, if you don't have it, we will create it for you

Integration is on us, simple and flexible

We do the integration without disrupting your current flows, you don't have to ask your product team for their time on the integration

You can relax: squads to secure your attendance goals

Project leaders track your operation and dashboard for you to analyze response time, CSAT, quality control metrics and draw insights

How is quality assured?

Knowledge base always up to date and assurance that for each tag there is a macro
You only pay for tickets that are answered correctly and within the agreed upon time
Both cloud humans and you audit the tickets answered by Pros
When there is an incorrect answer, Pro is directed to specific content before he can act again on the platform
Cloud humans customers have many benefits
Consistent Experience
Seasonality, high growth and other fluctuations make the response time inconsistent and worsen the quality of responses; ensure that the response time is always low without worsening the experience.
Avoid backlog crisis
No longer will you and your team have to work late to answer tickets, because you will no longer have a backlog of unanswered tickets.
Focus on the more complex
and strategic
Your team can focus on addressing the issues that are most critical and important to your customers, on narrowing down the contacts at the root, and on helping product to listen to the customer.
See the quality of the work
Never again be blind about what is happening in the operation. The insights are easy to take away and you can take it chewed up to other areas of the company.

Who are Pros and how do they enter the project?

All Pros are invoice-issuing businessmen.
You only pay for tickets that are answered correctly and within the agreed upon time
Both cloud humans and you audit the tickets answered by Pros
When there is an incorrect answer, Pro is directed to specific content before he can act again on the platform
How much it costs
Pros Only
Optimized by CH (Pros & Bots)
Up to 50k
R$ 4.18 /ticket
R$2.99 /ticket
50k to 200k
R$ 3.77 /ticket
R$2.64 /ticket
200k to 800k
R$ 3.34 /ticket
R$ 2.28 /ticket
Goal Alignment
Tickets outside the SLA
Wrong answer*
31% reduction in the value of each ticket outside the SLA.
100% reduction in the value of each wrongly answered ticket*.


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What helpdesks do you support?

The services will be performed using all your tools. We connect to it without involving your technology team at any time, with just one access and without disturbing your automated flows. We are integrated with major helpdesks such as Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, FrontApp, Kustomer, Hubspot, Octadesk, Twilio, and many others.

What back-office tools do you support?

It is also possible to provide assistance by accessing any back-office tool or internal system used by your agents. We offer different alternatives for access.

What types of processes do you handle?

We handle all your matters, from the simple to the most complex processes. Some examples include: registration issues, order status, product information, technical issues, whatever you need.

Who provides the services?

The services are provided by artificial intelligence (AI). We also offer service alternatives for tickets that require extra access with the assistance of human professionals. These professionals face a series of training and questionnaires, in addition to being required to operate with a robust security and privacy tool.

How does Claudia absorb the knowledge of my company?
Claudia quickly absorbs her team's service policies (FAQ) and data from previous conversations, allowing her to “emulate” her best agents and provide consistent, high-quality service.
How is the pricing?
The solution operates through flexible billing. We charge 0.36 USD for each ticket answered without human need and 0.24 USD for tickets that are partially solved by CLAudia and scheduled for her team.
Is it necessary to involve the technical team to integrate Claudia?

No, the integration of Claudia does not require the involvement of the technical team. Just add a new license to your customer service system and the integration will be activated by Claudia's specialized team.

How do we communicate?

We use a Slack channel for communication, always counting on professionals who specialize in your content to assist. If you don't use Slack, we're able to serve you via other communication channels you already use or add it to our Slack. We have a dashboard, where you can also analyze your main metrics and the cost of the operation.

If I change a process, how do I notify you?

You will have access to the project's knowledge base on your dashboard and can make edits to the process directly through the platform.

How does it work to get started?

To get started with Claudia, simply contact us to setup CLAudia and connect to your current help desk. Our team will provide support during the process and ensure that CLAudia is ready to handle customer interactions efficiently. It is now possible to activate the solution in less than 1 day.

To start with you, does it have to be 100% of the calls?

No, it is possible to start with a partial volume of your service to test the solution gradually. The important thing is to deliver value on the channels you need, solving the problems of your CX team.

Can you answer my tone of voice?

Of course! The service will be provided in the manner that you indicate as ideal 😉

Come have a virtual coffee with us:)

Humanized support, on a budget and without a headache.

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