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CLAudia is an innovative AI chatbot that assists and solves complex problems with accurate answers. See your customers being answered on autopilot without realizing they're talking about a robot 🦾

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Transforming companies such as:

Meet claudIA, your super agent

An innovative AI chatbot powered by GPT-4. claudIA solves complex problems and provides safe and accurate answers with a tone of voice customized by you.

Dramatically increase the efficiency of your CX area

CLAudia is able to answer up to 87% of calls by “emulating” her best agents, allowing my team to focus on adding value for the most complex cases

Instant answers with exceptional quality

CLAudia masterfully identifies her role in each interaction. It answers and clarifies with frightening humanization, a tone of voice personalized by you and without letting your customer wait more than a few seconds.

Getting started is very easy

The AI revolution is already happening and you can get started in a few days! No need to involve your technical team for complex and time-consuming integrations. Import just your old FAQs and tickets and watch Claudia bring life to your current helpdesk.

How it works
The solution
No need to change tools
Just add a new license to your current customer service system for Claudia. Without any complex integration or need to involve your technology team.
We absorb your FAQ and conversation data from your agents
Forget the complexity of managing bots based on decision trees or intentions. Claudia learns with her FAQ, tickets answered by her team, and self-manages her knowledge.
At no cost, test CLAudia at will before calling your clients
At no cost, test CLAudia before adding to the flow with clients and only activate it after feeling the quality. Through our flexible billing model, companies only pay for tickets answered for real customers.
ClaudIA understands when it is necessary to involve humans and makes her team more efficient
Claudia readily identifies when the conversation requires human assistance and performs a smooth transition, summarizing the interactions to facilitate the work of the person who will assume the service.
How the solution works
Natural Conversations

With AI technologies, CloudIA can understand all kinds of messages such as slang and grammatical errors

No incorrect answers

Our entire structure and training of the AI is focused primarily on avoiding incorrect answers and hallucinations

Complete AI Stack

We have all the complementary AI framework for GPT: template optimization, word embedding, knowledge base optimization, and speech pitch

Gain efficiency even in agent transfers

In cases where CloudIA cannot respond, we train CloudIA to collect information and send a summary of the service so your agents can continue frictionlessly

See how we deliver speed, quality, and economy

We helped Zippi in reducing costs by 20% and and by 82% on the manual work.
"We were so full of tickets that we didn't have time to do the extra things, which were the most important. Today, the inbox is smaller and we're starting to see the team think and be less reactive."
Camilla Zanini
Head of CX at Zippi
We reduced response time by 94% (16x) the response timewith a 22% improvement in the quality of the note on BelaBelinda's Facebook page.
"We were able to focus on priorities for our growth knowing that we have a company that specializes in service.
cloud has enabled us to reduce the internal Customer Experience team by a third, making it much easier to manage the team."
Eduardo Onghero
COO of BelaBelinda
We helped Pier reduce its costs by 20% and and 88% in first response time.
"We are increasingly increasing the presence of cloud humans so we can focus on contributing to other areas of Pier in a more strategic way and being the voice of the customer internally."
Head of CX at Pier


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Which helpdesk tools do you support?

The services will be performed using all your tools. We connect to it without involving your technology team at any time, with just one access and without disrupting your automated flows. We are integrated with major helpdesks such as Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, FrontApp, Kustomer, Hubspot, Octadesk, Mktzap, Twilio and many others.

What back-office tools do you support?

Fulfillments are performed with all your fulfillment tools, without involving your technology team in lengthy integrations: Shopify, Mercado Pago, ClickUp, proprietary systems, spreadsheets and many others.

What types of processes do you serve?

We attend to all your issues, from simple to complex processes, some examples include: registration problems, order status, product information, technical problems, whatever you need.

Who performs the services?

The calls are made by humans powered by technology and artificial intelligence (AI). At the beginning of the journey, the service professionals (Pros) face a series of training and questionnaires, they are evaluated and trained until they are able to perform services, only 2% can finish this process. When they start answering calls, they are also helped by our AI for response suggestion and correction, which enhances their ability to follow the tone of voice and give correct answers.

Is there a minimum volume?

How is the pricing?

How do you evaluate a correct answer?

You set the parameter and from there it is checked to see if it was done correctly. This can be done in two ways:

  • Daily quality audit to assess whether: "Was the answer given correctly? That is, within what was aligned in the process?"

  • You can (and we encourage you to) also evaluate these audits and indicate if they were done correctly

How do we communicate?

We use a Slack channel for communication, always with an Account Manager and a Project Leader to assist you. In case you do not use Slack, we can assist you via other communication channels you already use or add you to our Slack. We have a dashboard, where you can also analyze your main metrics and the cost of the operation.

If I change a process, how do I notify you?

You will have access to the knowledge base of the project in your dashboard and can make edits in the process directly from the platform, then our quality area performs a validation and within 24 hours it is already implemented in the operation. All this from our technology: notifications, access control, and control of absorption of the process changes.

How does it work to start?

It's that simple! You send us all the material you have (if not, it's okay, we help you!) and an access to your helpdesk tool. After that, our team will answer any questions you may have, and the rest is up to us, and all you have to do is validate it!

In 1 - 2 weeks, your services will already be underway.

To start with you, does it have to be 100% of the services?

No, it is possible to start with a partial volume of your service (some channel, process or % of services) and gradually begin the partnership. The important thing is to deliver value on the channels you need, solving your CX team's problems.

Can you answer in my tone of voice?

Of course! The service will be performed in the way you indicate as ideal 😉

Still have doubts?

Humanized support, within budget and without headache.

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What helpdesks do you support?

The services will be performed using all your tools. We connect to it without involving your technology team at any time, with just one access and without disturbing your automated flows. We are integrated with major helpdesks such as Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, FrontApp, Kustomer, Hubspot, Octadesk, Mktzap, Twilio, and many others.

Do you integrate with WhatsApp?

Yes, we integrate with all channels that are connected to your helpdesk.

Does your technology support other languages?

Yes, we support more than 95 languages, but today we have CX specialists especially in Spanish, Portuguese and English

How much does this wonder cost?

We charge for the service provided, we will schedule a chat and we are able to tell you more about how our differentiated pricing works

Can you answer my tone of voice?

Of course! The service will be provided in the manner that you indicate as ideal 😉

Still have questions?

Humanized support, on a budget and without a headache.

I want to speak to an expert